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Audio Essentials for Worship


A one-day seminar designed to equip the church sound person with all of the knowledge and training that they will need to correctly perform the duties of a contemporary sound engineer. 


Audio Essentials for worship will leave you with a better understanding of the basics of acoustics, sound reinforcement, equipment performance and selection, system installation and operation, and minor troubleshooting.


Topics Include:

  • Sound Check / Line Check

  • Breaking down walls between teams

  • Introduction to Sound

  • System Optimization

  • Microphones and Microphone Technique 

  • Gain Structure

  • Mixing Systems

  • Understanding Feedback

  • Compression / Limiting / EQ

  • Mixing with dimension 

  • Recording your services (By PreSonus Audio Electronics)

We recommend this class for new and intermediate audio technicians, pastors, lay leaders, and church staff who want to better understand the dynamics of audio and multimedia technology in relation to the worship experience.

Presented by:

  • Audio Essentials for Worship - Free Workshop
    Sat, Mar 28
    The Big Red Schoolhouse, Athens Texas
    Mar 28, 2020, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM CDT
    The Big Red Schoolhouse, Athens Texas, 9024 U.S. 175 W, Athens, TX, USA


Tony Flammia

Marty Jones


Special Guest:

Rick Naqvi