One on One training & System Optimization

Not your typical audio 101 training?


Faster Troubleshooting: We start with a hands-on review of your system to better equip your team's ability to troubleshoot. Our experience has shown us that 80% of volunteers have no idea where all of the audio equipment is or what it does. As a team, we'll locate all of the components, draft an equipment list with model/serial numbers and create a schematic. This will help your teams quickly troubleshoot your system in the event something goes down during service. 

Deeper Understanding: Then we’ll test and tune your audio system for optimum performance using Smaart. That's right, included in your training is a FREE system optimization. This is normally a process the volunteer audio team is not a part of but absolutely crucial prior to mixing. We have seen positive results from showing your audio team what we're actually doing when we tune your audio system. They will have a better understanding of coverage patterns, combfiltering, power alleys, standing waves, room reflections, and so much more. 

Audio Basics: We spend a day going over audio 101 best practices and hands-on training. We'll cover signal flow, microphone selection, microphone placement, gain structure, DSP, and mixing.

Teamwork: Finally, we bring the band and tech team together for a team-building session and learn communication,  the difference between line check and sound check, proper microphone techniques, monitor practices, and more. 

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