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Customer Reviews

Pastor Richard Murphy

Copley, Ohio

It's hard to know where to start in this review as Tony has helped us in so many ways. Right from the start, when he was recommended to us by Doug Gould of Sovereign Grace Ministries, Tony was helpful in answering questions without any pressure of purchasing any equipment or services from him. When we first met and he performed a sound evaluation of our existing sanctuary, it was very apparent that Tony was an expert in sound physics as he patiently and thoroughly explained every detail of his sound evaluation and recommendations. Tony understands the dynamics of Church life and finances!

Pastor Shane Frazier

lebanon, Indiana

We've used Tony and his expertise for several things. I was most impressed by his dedication to excellence and his ability to connect that to the my desire for my church in concert with the space limits & capabilities. I love that he wants it to be right and excellent for himself. I appreciate that he doesn't settle. I think he and his team all represent great customer service. I'd highly recommend him to anyone wanting an up close, personal and professional experience.

Gary Robertson

Naples, Florida

Tony first started working with our Parish about 4 years ago. We had a sound system that had been designed by a prestigious acoustitian and our Parish installed the equipment he specified, with the thought that the clarity of the spoken word was paramount. After we were in the building and working with highly designed system, we had many problems with the system. Tony's then company, Creative Sound, along with Rob Robinson found the problem. We had to replace an amplifier that had a "noise cancelling" feature. Along with other tweaking and balance work, our problem was resolved. Tony Flammia and his company had always demonstrated their professionalism, friendly demeanor and respect for our worship space. All of our staff would be very happy to endorse Tony Flammia and company to help you with your audio visual needs.

Andrew Muscella

Roxbury, New Jersey

Tony is the best. Hands down. I've not met someone more passionate about what he does. Professional, kind, generous, and genuinely cares about you and your business/church. He understands stands sound, is fluid with technology, and is himself a musician, which gives him another edge over the competition. You won't be disappointed with him.

Gary Sewell

Ooltewah, Tennessee

Excellent work. Tony has made a significant difference on our systems and am very grateful for his professionalism and his amazing work. Highly recommended!!!!

Steve Rubery

Aliso Viejo, California

I have known and worked with Tony for almost 10 years now and have to say he is a honest and extremely hard working soul! Great guy to hang out with as well.
He is not only overly proficient in audio he is also proficient in complete system design and tuning including audio, video and lighting.

Lewis Richerson

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Tony has greatly improved the sound at our church. He is exceedingly knowledgeable yet communicates that in a way that non-technical pastors like myself can understand. He took the time to listen to our desires then meticulously spent time perfecting our system. You want find a better company to partner with for your sound needs!

Trey Mitchell

Fort Myers

Tony has an unwavering work ethic that benefits any project he starts and always gives 110%. He is constantly striving to hone his skills which allows him to offer the newest and most up to date system optimization options available. You hire a company and end up with a friend who cares about your needs as a client.

Judd Greer

Madison, Georgia

Thankful for Tony and his excellent consultation, work ethic, and love of the Lord.

Steven Sumners

Port Saint Lucie, Florida

Tony has the ability to cut through all the techno babble and relate to you in plain easy to understand language. Really easy to relate to.

Robbie Starkey

Fort Wayne, Indiana

Tony has always been very helpful and knowable. Tony is one of the guys who truly wants things to be amazing and does his best to make that happen.

Bo Bowen

Baton Rouge, LA

I have had the pleasure of working with Tony on a number of jobs now. He is 100% professional and extremely knowledgeable. I look forward to working with him on other future projects.

Buck Roberts

Mount Holly, North Carolina

Had the pleasure of setting up The Church on 68 with Tony. We dialed in a WorxAudio XL1 line array system and had amazing results.

Chris Tsanjoures

Putnam, Connecticut

Tony is a great asset to have involved with any aspect of your system design, installation or optimization process.

Jay Andrews

Ivor, VA

There is nothing worse than spending a lot of money on good quality sound equipment, having it installed incorrectly and still not being able to hear. Tony has the ability and the ear to get the most efficiency out of your system by properly tuning the system to the room so every word and every note is heard the way it should be!

Hawon Jung

Chicago. IL

Tony is one of a kind talent, from the beginning to the end he will walk with you to get the results you desire. His passion and knowledge reflects every work he has done and you must contact him for your next project.

Doug Hood

Fort Wayne, IN

I have collaborated with Tony on several projects. I've always found him to be responsive, knowledgeable and willing to go the extra mile to deliver a great customer experience and a professional level system performance.

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