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Optimize SMS Results Without Being Annoying

If you think texting customers is bad, think again.

SMS is still the second most preferred channel for receiving promotional messages for 20% of customers, with email being the most popular. However, customers get annoyed with SMS marketing when messages are irrelevant to products they’ve purchased or when they are bombarded with too many messages.

So, what can you do to optimize results without being annoying?

Start by giving your customers a choice to adjust messaging frequency. Also, ensure your messages are relevant to your customers' needs and preferences. Messaging frequency is the top annoyance, with 49% of customers stating that they get annoyed when messaged too frequently.

Another tip is to make sure your messages honor special days like birthdays or holidays and remind customers of unfinished actions, in addition to sales and promotions. By doing so, your customers will appreciate the personalized touch and be more likely to engage with your brand.

Tailored SMS and other messaging ch

annels can bring awesome results, but only if you pick the right moments and message types. In a privacy-first marketing landscape, that could be the difference between cash flow and cash clog.

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