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Independent, third-party audio system commissioning services to be sure your systems perform and operate as designed and specified.

We work with Systems Integrators, Churches, Engineers, and Electricians to make sure your design is correct, installed properly, and optimized for the venue. 

Audio Systems Commissioning 

Our commissioning services include extensive testing, documentation, tuning, and adjustments, and a thorough report of systems conditions and setting upon completion—validating systems operations and performance for final acceptance.

While AVL systems commissioning is typically the contractor’s responsibility, we provide an objective assessment as an additional service, outside of our standard scope of work and phases, to verify critical performance requirements are met.

Verification, Testing and Commissioning

System installation on-site is monitored if needed. Once the systems are ready for commissioning, the on-site system tests are performed as defined by the commissioning plan, punch lists are prepared if needed, and the system is turned over to the owner. On some projects, training on the system can be included.

Design Verification

All designs should be verified at the beginning of the project and the AV system incorporated into the commissioning plan. Part of this activity is to set system performance targets for your systems.

Design Phase Monitoring

In a third-party commissioning role, design documents are reviewed for adherence to the program, and adjustments are made to the commissioning plan if needed as the project proceeds.

Construction / Installation Phase Monitoring

The monitoring of the construction process is provided as needed depending on the project team's configuration. Tasks such as submittal reviews and pre-installation testing or test report reviews are provided in preparation for final installation and commissioning.

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